You Have The Right To A Harassment-Free Workplace

by | Aug 3, 2012 | Lawyers

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Working in the business world that exists today provides people with a number of opportunities, but many challenges also arise as well. Often, sexual and other types of harassment are shrugged off when they should be addressed by informing management about the problem. As a result, many people deal with inappropriate behaviors, and the hostile work environment that they can cause, throughout their work day. This article will touch on a few ways that you can avoid being involved in harassment at work.

Individuals can come from all kinds of different backgrounds and walks of life in the business world, and often, harassment can be a result. Different people often understand social and personal boundaries differently than others, and may be offended or even feel threatened by behavior that would be considered to be normal to another person. For this reason, maintaining a professional attitude at work is usually the best option.

One of the easiest ways to understand workplace harassment in Worcester, MA is to separate appropriate behaviors from the inappropriate ones. Invading personal boundaries or professional boundaries when a person has displayed clear discomfort may fall under the category of “harassment”, but it’s important to voice your discomfort if the opposing party isn’t getting the message.

Choosing not to participate in groups that make advances, or discuss sexual material at work could help you avoid a possible claim of workplace harassment in Worcester, MA. In addition, making it very clear that if you feel that lines have been crossed can help diffuse a situation that may have been an honest misunderstanding.

So, what if voicing your frustrations doesn’t resolve the issue? At this juncture, speaking with higher management should be your next step. As a valued employee, you should not be forced to work in an environment where harassment is occurring. Involving management usually helps display your feelings about the situation, and in most cases, can solve the problem. If it does not, hiring an experienced lawyer could be your best option.

If your work environment has been causing you frustration, discussing the standards regarding workplace harassment in Worcester, MA with your superiors could be a strong step forward. Clearly stating that you feel that boundaries have been crossed is an important step in resolving a possible issue. By taking the right steps, and keeping a professional attitude at work, you should be able to enjoy an environment that is harassment free.

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