Wills and Trusts as the Most Appropriate Ways to meet Long-Term Financial Goals

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Law

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You can create a will easily by following some of the templates provided in the internet. You will not need to pay for the services of a lawyer and you easily handle the process of bequests and assets. You can make a research on the laws governing wills and inheritance especially if you have minor children, assets in excess of $2 million and has recently remarried. You can draft the will using the online program without any expense but did it ever cross your mind that a will can be contested and rendered invalid? Did you comply with the laws of the state in drafting your will as to witnesses and spousal inheritance laws? You are putting yourself and your love ones in undue risk.

There have been many legal dramas concerning wills, estates and trusts that there are two options provided for someone who wants everything settled before departing finally from this world. Either you draft your own will or seek the services of Wills, Estates and Trusts Cornelius NC lawyer. Disputes over a will have always been a controversy among families and in many situations has resulted to lawsuits challenging the legality of the will. A less risky process of drafting a will is to hire a lawyer to do it especially if you are not particularly knowledgeable on the laws and want the peace of mind that your will can stand up in court even when contested.

In North Carolina, wills can take many forms whether handwritten by the testator or person who is writing the will and witnessed by 2 competent witnesses, holographic will which does not require witnesses or nuncupative will written by someone who is on the verge of dying. However, for each form of will to be valid in North Carolina, it has to be declared valid by North Carolina probate court and must conform to the requirements of North Carolina laws according to the form of will used.

What if the person dies without a will? North Carolina state laws will determine how the estate will be divided and to whom the assets will be provided. This makes a will highly important especially when the testator fells there is an immediate danger of dying. No matter if there are expressed wishes during the lifetime on who will be the possible beneficiaries, on the event of a death without a probated will, the state will control the distribution of the estate.

Many parents also want to provide for their children financially by putting up a trust which will ensure that the children will get a good education and health care. Wills, Estates and Trusts Cornelius NC lawyer can help you in establishing a trust which will be accessible to the children when they are matured enough to handle money. The trust is usually a part of the comprehensive estate plan on how to legally avoid estate and gift taxes while making sure the children will be properly benefited from the estate and other accumulated wealth.


It is sad if your wishes will not be carried out due to invalidity of a will. Make sure rightful beneficiaries will enjoy your estate through Wills, Estates and Trusts Cornelius NC lawyers that can be accessed through website URL

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