Why You Should Hire a Patent Attorney

Even though the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) do not require you to hire a patent lawyer to file a patent, there are many reasons why you should hire one. The process of applying for and securing a patent can be long and complicated, especially if you do not have an adequate understanding of the law. An experienced Patent Attorney has filed many patent applications before successfully. The lawyer will help you create, document and file all applicable patent application documents, including descriptions, drawings, claims and other forms. They will help you ascertain the patentability of your item and perform patent research, both in the U.S. and foreign countries, concerning the existence of patent infringements. Your lawyer will also ensure that regular or provisional patent application is drafted and filed correctly.

A qualified patent lawyer has a profound knowledge of the intellectual property law. The lawyer has passed the regular bar examination in the state and a patent bar exam that grants them a license to represent clients before the USPTO. Your lawyer also knows all rules and regulations involved when filing a patent. They will help you complete all the paperwork and documentation accurately and within a short period.

When hire a competent patent lawyer such as Edward L White PC Attorney At Law, they will first review your invention. The lawyer will tell you whether your invention is patentable. Your lawyer will advise you whether you should begin by filing a non-provisional or provisional patent application and whether you should file for international protection.  A qualified patent lawyer will help you explain and claim your invention in a manner that maximizes your patent rights. The lawyer will make sure that your invention meets the novelty requirements so that you do not waste money and time filing a patent application that will be rejected.

These are just some of the major reasons to hire a proficient Patent Attorney. Remember to consider factors such as commitment, availability, location, experience, price and previous records when choosing your patent lawyer. For more information about the roles of a qualified patent lawyer, and how you can contact one, please visit Edwhitelaw.com.

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