Why Should You Hire a Family Lawyer?

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Divorce Lawyer

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Are you currently going through a divorce or separation or, are you weighing your options before making that life-altering decision?

At Fischer & Van Thiel, L.L.P, we know how much this process can cost you mentally, financially, emotionally and physically, which is why we provide our clients with a ‘cushioned landing’ to minimize the effects of any situation that can arise. While we agree that both parties would best benefit if they are able to reach a mutual agreement amicably, there is still need to hire a legal practitioner versed in Family Law in order to ensure that the separation or divorce creates an ideal situation for you and favors you as much as possible.

Many assume that the help of a Family Law practitioner is only useful in messy divorce cases; this could not be farther from the truth. A family lawyer has the experience and expertise to help you safeguard you financial and non-financial interests in any situation.

Reasons to hire a Family Lawyer

Knowledge of Procedures: Family Law differs from country to country and from state to state. For example, we at Family Law attorneys in Carlsbad, offer consultation and services based on the specific laws guiding divorces and separations in the State of California. We are committed to using the law to the utmost advantage of our clients. A Family Law practitioner can give you expert advice on what to do and how your state’s Family Laws affect your case. This knowledge is important and the leverage it presents can only be discerned and exploited by someone who knows the rules.

Impartiality in Handling a Case: A family lawyer is able to see things objectively- unlike the client who is bearing a lot of emotional and mental stress. This impartiality in viewing and handling such delicate matter is critical to winning a divorce case. The lawyer sees what is hidden between the lines, makes correct interpretations and fair assessments of documents relating to the case and gives you an honest, unbiased opinion, something that may be impossible if you’re under the strain of a divorce process.

Counseling: This is, more often than not, a solution that can help the family survive an impending divorce. Surprisingly enough, counseling is usually overlooked when emotions are running high. A family lawyer can help you think objectively by providing fair assessments, giving unbiased judgements and laying all the cards on the table to help you (the couple) see what is at stake should you decide to go ahead with a divorce.

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