Why Hire A Traffic Attorney In Warrenton?

by | Sep 13, 2013 | Lawyers

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Have you recently been involved in a traffic accident and don’t know your rights under law? Maybe you were recently pulled over and given a speeding ticket? Or worse, have you been issued a DUI and don’t understand what your next steps should be? You may be in the market to find a Traffic Attorney Warrenton!

First, what exactly is a traffic attorney? A traffic attorney is a licensed attorney that specializes in the area of traffic litigation, though they may also practice in other areas of law such as Real Estate, Estate Planning and Criminal Law. A traffic attorney will defend you in front of a judge if you feel a citation you’ve been given is wrong. For example, were you pulled over for speeding but don’t feel like you were going that far over the speed limit? A traffic attorney may be able to help! If nothing else, they may be able to reduce your fine.

In addition to defending clients in traffic courts, traffic attorneys are also litigators prepared to defend their clients in civil cases resulting from traffic accidents. Essentially, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, a traffic attorney can help make sure you are compensated for your entitlement under the traffic laws in your state. On the other side, if you were cited as being responsible for the accident, a traffic attorney may be able to negotiate a reduction in your fines as well.

Traffic attorneys are experienced in not only researching specific statutes relating to all areas of traffic law but are experienced in acting as investigators into the specific incidents resulting in your citation needing defense. Their purpose centers on representing your best interests whether that be reducing your fine and therefore your future insurance premiums or simply negotiating whether or not your permanent record is affected by your citation.

Oftentimes, drivers issued speeding tickets or citations relating to common traffic laws may try to represent themselves in court. Though many have succeeded, attorneys specializing in Traffic Attorney Warrenton may be the way to go for more complicated issues -; especially involving other parties, involving loss of license or involving DUI’s.

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