Why A SSDI Attorney Near Chicago Can Benefit You

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Lawyers

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The best strategy to win a case for Social Security or SSDI is to hire the services of a lawyer. In the case of so many people, you want to hire a SSDI Attorney Near Chicago that has the experience and knowledge necessary to carry out the procedures in order to win your case. Your lawyer can help you from the initial application, and can answer and advise you on any questions or concerns you have. Common questions concerning part-time work will hurt you in your claim. On the other hand, if your application for Social Security is denied twice, you will need to submit an appeal within the allotted time and request a hearing.

Do Not File Paperwork or Go To Court Without a Lawyer

At the time of the hearing, the representation of an attorney is more important than ever. Although all forms and applications have been completed in the first two stages of your claim, these could prove to be a problem on the day of your hearing. Once your SSDI Attorney Near Chicago receives notice that your case has been scheduled for a hearing, he or she will do a thorough review of the evidence in your case and then contact you on the things that are missing and what you can do to make your claim stronger and increase the chances of approval.

Once your case is scheduled for a hearing, your lawyer will see you the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will be and this can be to your advantage. Most attorneys have worked with several ALJ’s numerous times before, so they can prep you on what the judge could ask and what he or she may not Being properly prepared will help you respond better to the questions asked by the Administrative Law Judge. Not being prepared for your hearing will decrease your chances of winning the case.

Your Attorney Will Make Your Case Be Stronger

Your SSDI Attorney Near Chicago is not only your ally, but their expertise in disability law will help give you the best chances to win because you are disabled. An experienced disability lawyer gives you a better chance of winning the case. Even federal government statistics show that claims directed by an attorney are more likely to be successful than those that are not.

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