When You Might Be Eligible For Social Security Disability In Minneapolis

by | Nov 14, 2012 | Lawyers

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The Federal government provides benefits for people who suffer from conditions that keep them  from working.  How much those benefits are and how long you can get them depends on many different factors.  However, you might be eligible for Social Security Disability in Minneapolis if you are not working as much as you did previously or if you can only work part time because of medical issues.   You can still be working but your income has to be less than a certain level which varies.

You might also qualify if you have a severe medical condition that keeps you from doing basic sorts of work activities like walking or sitting.? This sort of thing obviously has to be judged by a qualified physician.  However, if you honestly have a lot of pain when doing everyday sort of activities, or even activities that are job-related such as lifting weights or raising your arms over your head, then it is worth at least investigating whether you can get financial assistance until your condition has improved.

Even if you are not in extreme pain, you might still qualify for Social Security Disability in Minneapolis if you have certain conditions that sort of ‘automatically’ make you disabled. These sorts of things include some mental issues as well as PTSD, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, arthritis, other degenerative diseases and the like. Every state has their own List of Impairments that describes things that the government uses to qualify people who they judge is realistically unable to work.  It is probably worthwhile to look at your state’s list to decide if you meet their requirements.  And if you are blind or deaf then you might also qualify fairly easily.

You might also qualify for Social Security Disability in Minneapolis if you cannot do the work you traditionally did in the past.? For example, say you used to be a secretary but now you have carpal tunnel syndrome so you can no longer type.? You can do other types of work but you do not have the necessary experience to make the same amount of money that you did as a secretary.? In that situation, you might actually be able to qualify, depending on the situation.

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