When to Hire a Lawyer for Child Support

by | Jun 15, 2013 | Lawyers

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There are a lot of stressful and difficult processes that a person must go through when they go through a divorce. One of the most difficult issues to resolve is child custody. A lot of times divorces are bitter, and it is the children that end up suffering the most. Child support payments may be withheld just out of spite, or there may be arguments on the amount of child support that is needed. There could be a whole host of other factors that could end up causing a lot of hurt for the children. There comes a time when a parent just needs to hire a lawyer for child support in Long Island. The question is when is it the right time to hire a lawyer?

Before hiring a lawyer, a parent first needs to check out the child enforcement program for the state. Each state has their own laws that govern child support. The program also has resources that a parent can use to help them enforce the child support payments. The unfortunate downside to this is there is not a lot of funding for this program for child support Long Island. In a lot of cases, the resources are just insufficient. If the child enforcement program is insufficient, then it is time to hire a child support lawyer.

When Hiring a Lawyer for a Child Support Case

One thing that every parent should do when looking to hire a lawyer to help with their child support case is to perform an eye test. Schedule an initial consultation with each prospective child support lawyer. Most family lawyers will offer a free initial consultation. This is the best opportunity to ask as many questions as needed. How the lawyer responds to the questions and interacts with their potential client can say a lot about how they will handle the child custody case. If they take a personal approach to it all, then this is a definite plus when comparing to other child support lawyers.

There are a lot of resources that help parents get the child support that their child or children deserve. Sometimes this is not enough. That is when it is time to turn to a child support lawyer.



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