When a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Everett, MA Can File Suit Regarding Icy Pavement on Rental Property

When someone is seriously injured after falling on ice on a residential rental property, they may need a slip and fall accident attorney in Everett, MA to build a strong case against the landlord. The plaintiff must prove negligence by the landlord in order to have a good case. This can be accomplished in different ways.

Relevant Statistics

Slipping and falling is the second leading cause of injuries in this country, with only injuries from vehicle accidents ranking higher. Icy stairs and parking lots can be dangerous. Falling on the pavement can cause head injuries and fractures, including severe ones like broken hips and back injuries. Attorneys with an organization like Law Offices of Burton J. Hass evaluate each case and determine whether a property owner can be held liable. Click here to get started with a free consultation.

Lease Considerations

If the person has signed a lease stating that they are responsible for clearing away snow and ice, attempting to sue the landlord is probably not reasonable. This is a typical stipulation for tenants renting a full house or half of a duplex, as the landlord expects them to handle all the yard work and snow removal.

Apartment Buildings

In contrast, apartment buildings typically include management of snow and ice for tenants. A slip and fall accident attorney in Everett, MA can make a case for the plaintiff if the landlord knew about the ice on the property or should have known about it. If the building owners contract with a property management service for snow and ice removal, that company may be liable.

Again, the lawyer must prove that the person or company in charge must have known or should have known that the pavement was slick with ice. The insurance company or opposing counsel may have weather records showing the problem was due to an unexpected and brief ice storm that left the pavement coated with sleet. There may have been no reasonable way for anyone to have responded quickly enough to the situation. That means there is nobody else to blame for the incident. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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