What you need to know about applying for social security

by | Apr 2, 2016 | Lawyers

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Social Security has been in place for over 80 years – signed into law by Franklin D Roosevelt. Programs of this nature indicate an advanced society, where those who are in trouble, either because they’ve lost a job, are elderly, or ill, can be protected. Of course, given that the program is so vast, there is also quite a lot of confusion as to how it works, and there is quite a lot of complexity. Social Security has a wider reach than almost any other federal program and in 2014 alone it is estimated that some 59 million Americans were receiving benefits at the cost of many billions. Thus, if you’re one of those people who truly believes that you are eligible for benefits but don’t know how to apply or to navigate the system, you may need to consult someone professional in the field.


Taking legal action

If you live in New York (NY) and feel you’re eligible for Social Security but have been denied a claim, you will need to seek assistance from people who understand the program and the various systems involved. Winning a case when you’ve been denied payments can take anywhere between 6 and 18 months. Many people will immediately feel that there’s nothing they can do about this as they don’t have the cash for a lawyer or a court case. However, there are firms who specialize in this field and who don’t ask for any payment until your case is won and you receive a payout. This will protect you from having to spend money without a guarantee of success at the end. The period you will need to wait is long, as it will be necessary to schedule a hearing in front of a judge, but it’s better to put the case in motion rather than doing nothing at all.

Qualifying for Social Security disability benefits

Many people are not aware that they qualify for these benefits, even though they may have been paying into Social Security for many years, and so qualify for consideration. If you are disabled in any way for at least 12 months and are no longer able to carry out the functions of the job you recently held, you could most likely qualify for benefits. Even if this happened some time ago, you may still apply, although the sooner you apply the better so that you receive timely payments.

Occasionally, should you have had an accident, you aren’t immediately aware how severe the damage is and whether you’ll be able to return to work or not. This is perfectly acceptable, and there is no penalty for waiting while you ascertain the facts. However, the moment you know that you are incapacitated and will need to be out of work for more than a period of 12 consecutive months, you should waste no time in applying for disability status, and the ensuing benefits.

If you believe you are eligible for Social Security benefits but have been denied, you should consider contacting an attorney for social security in NY. Daniel Berger Attorney at Law has many years of experience in this regard.

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