What to expect from a brain injury attorney

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Law

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Fortunately, brain injuries are not all that common, but when one does happen, it will be scary and have the potential of changing you or your loved one’s life forever. When it does happen, you will need to be represented by a Las Vegas brain injury attorney. People suffering from brain injury due to negligence on the part of someone else poses serious complexities and not every lawyer can handle the case and do it justice. Usually the cause of the brain injury is an automobile accident or from the use of faulty equipment.

The compensation that can be expected takes all the normal physical pain and emotional suffering into account, but a brain injury posses other problems:

 * Memory loss – short and long term

 * Personality changes – moods and behavior can change dramatically resulting in frustration and anger.

 * Rehabilitation – a long, complicated and expensive process with no guarantee of success.

When you are faced with pursuing a case which includes brain injury, finding the right lawyer may seem overwhelming. There are ways though to find that special attorney that can represent you in the best possible manner.


Law is a broad field, no different than medicine. Just as the medical profession has GPs and specialists, so does the law. If your family doctor cannot comfortably handle a medical issue which is beyond his capabilities, he will refer you to a specialist. This is the same in law. Ask the lawyer whom you use for family issues such as real-estate, traffic tickets or your estate planning lawyer to refer you to a lawyer who deals with brain injury cases. All lawyers are well connected through the state bar association and with a bit of research, your lawyer can help point you in the right direction and make introductions on your behalf.

You can also ask the doctor who is treating the patient. The doctor will be a specialist in treating brain injuries and may have had contact with lawyers. They may have been called into court as expert witnesses in support of a similar case. Ask the doctor if he can make an introduction to a lawyer, who has had success in these cases.


If you have no luck with referrals, then you will have to undertake research on your own. Even if you do get a referral, doing independent research never hurts. As getting a Las Vegas brain injury attorney of the highest caliber is important, you must find out all you can about him, the practice and the track record in pursuit of these types of cases.

Most attorneys have a web site where they detail their areas of expertise, and at times they post news of their recent cases and the outcome. If you don’t see any reference to brain injury cases, then you may be looking at a firm that lacks the expertise you need.

To get a Las Vegas brain injury attorney who is capable of handling the intricacies of these types of cases, contact Gazda & Tadayon, Professional law Practice. They represent people suffering from brain injury in Southern Nevada.


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