What to Do When You are Injured in a Car Accident

by | May 16, 2015 | Law

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If you find yourself involved in a car accident and you were not at fault you have the legal right to claim damages from the negligent party. You can claim compensation for any and all medical bills including specialist surgeons and the hospital as well as damage to your vehicle. In the event your car was considered a write off you can demand a replacement vehicle; if the car can be repaired you can of course claim for all the repair costs. There are a whole host of issues that must be faced when you have been in a car accident and the fault can be attributed to the other driver, should this happen to you; you will be best served by Chicago car accident lawyers.

A car accident case is civil in nature and falls under tort law. This covers cases where there is injury or property damage and the fault lies with other people or entities who have shown negligent behavior or action. Although car accidents are the frequent basis for a law suit personal injury can be caused by many different things including;

* Slip and fall incidents
* Medical malpractice
* Wrongful death

Once you have taken care of any medical issues your next priority should be to hire Chicago car accident lawyers. The other driver; the responsible party, will no doubt be insured so it is the insurance companies responsibility to look after all costs associated with the accident. It is a well known fact that insurance companies are extremely difficult to deal with. The insurance company is in business to make money, and to do this they will not pay out any more than they can get away with. Shortly after the accident there is really no way for you to know what compensation you are eligible for. In many cases a victim who is not represented by a lawyer will be talked into a settlement by the insurance company, you may think their offer is perfectly acceptable as they have agreed to paying your medical bills and fixing your car.

In many cases a car accident can result in long term problems that shortly after the accident have not manifested themselves. It is because of this that you need a lawyer.

Chicago car accident lawyers have been exposed to many similar cases; they have witnessed the way what appears to be a simple accident can turn into something where the victim suffers significant pain and distress. The lawyers, through consultation with your doctors and therapists can get a very good indication of what your long term prognosis is as a result of the injuries you received in the accident.

As long as you have not agreed to anything, your Chicago car accident lawyers can develop and pursue a settlement. If the insurance adjuster refuses the claim; the attorney will proceed with taking the case to court.

If you need of seasoned Chicago car accident lawyers to help you with your demand for compensation you are invited to contact The Shea Law Group.

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