What is the job of a bail bondsman?

A Bail bondsman is an individual, often independent but sometimes the employee of a bail bond company, who presents a surety bond to a court to affect the release from custody, a person charged with a crime that would otherwise languish in jail until the date of the trial. The bail bondsman and the trial court have agreements in the state and county where the bondsman conducts business. These agreements allow the bondsman to make a blanket bond with the court which is less than the bail amount set by the court. The bail bondsman is basically providing the court with a guarantee that the accused will show up in court on the assigned date and time. If the defendant misses the court appearance, the bail bondsman in Georgetown, TX is responsible for giving the court the full amount of the bail granted.

There are a number of good reasons and advantages to using the services of a bail bondsman in Georgetown, TX. The bail bondsman has access to securities day and night through pre-arranged agreements with his credit providers such as insurance companies or other financial institutions. These arrangements allow the bondsman to secure credit outside of normal business hours, thus allowing for the release of the accused within a matter of hours after providing the surety bond to the court. By using a bail bondsman, the accused does not have to raise the complete bail amount himself, which in many instances may prove impossible.

The bondsman does not necessarily provide his services on demand. The bondsman will take the applicants character into account when he makes his determination. Above all else, the defendant must possess character which will make him adhere to the agreement. This is of particular importance if the bail set is very high, some bails can be upwards of a million dollars. The bondsman will want to support the risk by have a high percentage of the bail backed by collateral such as the deed to a home, titles to vehicles, boats, jewelry, etc. If the defendant does not show as directed, the bail bondsman will be forced to pay the bail amount over to the court, at which time he will take title to the items offered as collateral. In most states, the bondsman can engage the services of a bounty hunter to locate the bail jumper and return him to custody.

The Bail bondsman charges a fee to cover his activities, the maximum fee is mandated by the state but rarely exceeds 10% of the amount of bail set. This amount is the surety agreed to by the court in lieu of the full bail amount. Upon appearance in court, this amount is given to the bondsman, not his client.

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