What Can You Expect From A Disability Lawyer?

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Attorney

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In the United States the federal government is responsible for Social Security. Social Security has been part of the American landscape since the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt and the program has changed little, it still provides cash benefits for retirees as well as those who are disabled and cannot earn a living. Applying for rightful retirement benefits is not difficult; unfortunately the same cannot be said for the process of applying for disability benefits. Many people suffering from a mental or physical disability will turn to a Disability Lawyer in Illinois to help them, this legal professional is well aware of the complex rules, regulations and laws that apply and know what the Social Security Administration are looking for in support of an application or an appeal.

Many people are of the opinion that as they have paid Social Security taxes (FICA) that an application for benefits under the program is a mere formality and they will automatically be granted assistance. Unfortunately this is far from the truth; the applicant must prove beyond doubt that they are incapable of performing any substantial work for pay. The application, once received by Social Security is subjected to a very rigid process and in the greatest majority of cases, about 75 percent, the application is denied. A disability lawyer knows what proof the SSA are looking for, the lawyer is in the best position to advise the applicant on the best way to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that they are truly disabled and warrant approval of their application

The fortunate applicant will have his or her application approved on the first submission, unfortunately far fewer applications are approved than denied. It is when the application is denied that a disability lawyer can prove to be of significant help. The lawyer is fully aware of the steps that are available to the applicant when it comes to appealing the denial of benefits. When the application is denied the lawyer will make an immediate request for reconsideration, if this does not change the initial decision then the lawyer will files for an administrative review in front of a judge, the lawyer will argue on behalf of his client and provide substantiating documentation and physical proof that the applicant is disabled and cannot work.

There are no guarantees when dealing with the SSA, should the administrative review fail, the applicant and his lawyer has other forms of recourse including suing the SSA is US district court. Visit Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. for more information.

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