What Are The Main Types Of Injury Attorney Services Available Today?

by | Dec 19, 2012 | Personal Injury

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Most of us are familiar with injury attorney services that are required to claim compensation for losses that a person suffers in an accident. But are injury cases only those involving accidents? The answer is a clearNO. Injury attorney handle many other types of cases other than road accident cases. In fact the large number of cases belonging to different fields of life that fall under personal injury is sure to get any person looking for the actual numbers entirely shocked. Here is a quick look at the main types of cases that injury attorneys attend to these days.

Road Accidents: The most important type of personal injury cases, the number of registered road accident cases have gone up markedly in the past five years. Auto accident attorneys come across different types of collision cases and have to act according to requirements of each case. There are car accident cases, motorcycle collision, pedestrian collision, truck accidents, boating injuries, and drunken driving injuries. They are required to carefully develop the case and determine the compensation amount basing on the damages suffered by the victim’s family. The court trial needs to dealt with aggressive and convincing presentation of facts to the judiciary, a great challenge in itself.

Fire Damages/Explosions: Fire accidents cause a lot of anxiety and suffering for those involved in them. Are you aware that injury attorneys who handle fire accident cases, come across four main types of fire accidents. These are electrical fires, gas explosions, commercial and residential fires. The victims of these accidents are liable for due compensation from the party responsible for their loss. It could be the owner of the building whose poor maintenance caused them to suffer these damages or the company providing services in building maintenance or gas supply, whose faulty services led to the mishap.

Insurance Disputes: Recovering insurance claims can be a tough job for the family of a victim. Injury attorneys take care of the legal hassle of moving the court to grant insurance claims of his clients. The different types of cases found in this category include home-owner’s insurance, business interruption, auto insurance, fire damages, and wrongfully denied claims. It in intriguing to know that this field of legal expertise has come up as an important field due to the rise in the number of insurance claims over the past two decades.

In Houston, injury attorney services offered by law offices make sure they handle all the above mentioned types of cases and recover the compensation claimed by their clients.

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