What Are the Advantages of Deciding to File for Child Support?

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Attorney

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Child support is something that everyone wants to avoid. Being a parent can already be a stressful job. Throwing a separation and child support on top of that can make things even more stressful. For most people paying child support, this means that you have to work every single day in order to support yourself, your children, and make payments on time.

If you’re in this situation because your partner doesn’t want to offer financial support, in that case, there are two ways you can go about filing child support. The first way is doing it through private mediation. This means that both parties agree on how child support will take place. The other one involves taking the case to court. This happens when child support is not agreed on between the two parents.

If you’re thinking about filing, there can be some advantages to filling in court through mediation if you were able to work it out and come to an agreement that already removes half of the stress. It can be a good idea to take things to court to make the custody part accountable and very liable.

Here are more advantages to filing with court mediation:

1. If you get this done through conciliation, getting to the court mediation will go much faster.

2. Going through this process is generally pretty easy and informal, as well. You can get it done at an office inside of the court, or you can get it done at another office. This will depend upon the extent of your particular case.

3. If you go this route, there is a very high chance that your child will get financial support. If the other parent misses a payment, they will have funds forcibly withdrawn from their check. This guarantees that you will get financial support.

You should work closely with a child support attorney for the best results. For more assistance and information on this topic and child support attorneys, visit the website of Law Offices of Sandra Guzman-Salvado.

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