What a Social Security Lawyer Can Do For You

You pay into Social Security during your work years so you can get compensated during retirement. But what happens if you get sick or hurt and are suddenly unable to work? And this is assuming you don’t get Worker’s Compensation. The reality is that you may have to file for disability insurance. If so, here’s some advantages of hiring a Social Security lawyer.

Initial Filing Assistance

The paperwork for filing disability insurance is complex and lengthy. And if you omit just one itty bitty piece of information, you could get disqualified. That’s where an experienced Social Security lawyer in Knox County can help you. In most cases, a paralegal will fill out the paperwork as you answer questions over the phone. She’ll then send it to the appropriate person at the Social Security Administration.

Recommend Tests or Special Forms

A Social Security lawyer will recognize when you need to beef up the number of medical records you have, as most cases are won by having medical records to back up your statements. Your attorney, for example, may suggest you update records through your orthopedic doctor if you can’t work because of a back injury.

Peace of Mind

Your Social Security lawyer Knox County residents trust, may offer tidbits of encouragement to ease your mind during the lengthy disability process. He may relate similar situations where people like you got compensated for their disabilities. He may also provide statistics of people over 50 who won their cases.

Hearing Advocate

Your attorney can help argue your case in court. In most cases, the Social Security Administration will subpoena a vocational expert to devise a list of jobs you can still perform. Your attorney would then explain how you can’t perform any of those jobs with your specific limitations.

Increase Chance of Winning

Statistics reveal you have a much better chance of winning your case with a Social Security lawyer in Knox County, as opposed to representing yourself.

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