What a Personal Injury Lawyer in San Francisco will tell you About Pre-existing Conditions

Almost no one is involved in an personal injury accident without already having a medical condition of one sort or another. It is the job of a knowledgeable and experience Personal Injury Lawyer San Francisco to be able to explain to you how your pre-existing condition will effect your case and what you need to do to prepare yourself for.

Disclose all existing condition to your Personal Injury Lawyer San Francisco.

Your lawyer needs this information for many reasons, not least of which is that they must be able to prove that the injury you are suing for damages for is directly caused and related to the accident you were involved in. They will also be able to discuss with you and plan how to minimize the effects of your prior conditions with your recent injuries. Guilty parties in personal injury suits are not liable for previous injuries, so it is important for you lawyer to be able to make the distinction.

Allow your Personal Injury Lawyer San Francisco to examine your medical history.

By having access to this information, your Personal Injury Lawyer San Francisco may be able to prove how the accident involved in your personal injury case worsened or exasperated a current condition by showing the difference between your medical progression before the accident, versus the progression after the accident attorney. This can make the difference in your case being dismissed as being without cause and you being able to see it through and receive damages.

Personal Injury Lawyer San Francisco work on contingency.

This means that your lawyer is likely not going to get paid until you receive your settlement or are rewarded damages. It is important to keep this in mind because your lawyer may have to ask you questions or probe into details of your life that seem uncomfortable, but they are doing so in order to get you as much money in the form of damages or a settlement out of court as they possibly can. They want you to be able to receive the most that you can, because this is how they are going to get paid.

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