Accident Lawyer in Baltimore: Understanding The Basics Of Your Case

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Lawyers

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Did you know that automobile accidents are the most common cause of sudden death in the entire world? There are a lot of reasons why car accidents happen. Sometimes it is legitimately an accident, sometimes the mechanics of a car fails, and sometimes one of the drivers was being irresponsible. What is sad about car accidents is when someone gets hurt or killed and the cause of the accident is usually an irresponsible driver.

The vast majority of the time that an auto accident happens it was the fault of one of the two drivers. The insurance company is going to try to make a settlement quickly afterwards so the case does not have to go to court. You need to hire an accident lawyer in Baltimore as soon as possible to make sure that you do not agree to a settlement that is for less money than what you deserve.

During the trial, your lawyer is going to have to prove without a shadow of a doubt that the accident was not your fault. It also helps if the can prove how it could have been avoided if the other driver would have done what they were supposed to. You just have to make sure you are going to be comfortable with your lawyer making the other driver look bad.

Most of the time an Accident Lawyer in Baltimore is going to work on a contingency basis. This is because it does not make a lot of sense for them to charge you money for their services if they do not win your case. Instead, they will just charge you a contingency fee which means a certain percentage is going to be removed from your settlement and given to the lawyer. When you are hiring one, you just need to make sure you read all of the fine print. You do not want to make the mistake of hiring a lawyer that is going to take a massive chunk of your settlement as payment. However, you should still understand that 10 to 30 percent is the average range for contingency fees. Just set up a consultation with a lawyer such as David E. Fink to discuss the fees for their services first.

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