Dale E. Anstine: Meeting Your Personal Injury Legal Representation Needs in Gettysburg PA

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Personal Injury

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Whether it’s Los Angeles California or Gettysburg Pennsylvania, there are no shortage of accidents that can happen. From slip and fall accidents in a person’s home or business to automobile accidents, these things, unfortunately, are a daily occurrence.

In most instances, accident such as these require little, if any, legal intervention. However, there are situations where accidents do occur that result in serious injury and, in some occasions, death. When these serious accidents happen in the Gettysburg Pennsylvania area, speaking with an accident attorney like Dale E. Anstine Gettysburg PA is your best option.

There is no question that if you have been involved in a serious accident your life could have radically changed forever. Whether it’s from a long-term injury, a lifelong disability as a result of an injury or the death of someone close to you such as a spouse or child, compensation is not going to make things the way they were before the accident.

However, compensation can help to make dealing with some of these challenges a lot easier. Your compensation may be used for medical treatment and to compensate a person for lost wages, as they may not be able to work again considering their injuries. Compensation can also help fill the void for a deceased spouse and the income that the deceased spouse was once responsible for.

Unfortunately, offering fair compensation is not typically in the interest of the insurance company that you or your family member may be facing. In fact, the goal of an insurance company is to pay out as little money as possible. The more an insurance company pays out, the less money they make. So for them, it’s advantageous to undervalue your compensation, even in the light of a horrific accident that has left you with long-term or lifelong disabilities.

For this reason, Dale E. Anstine Gettysburg PA, a dedicated personal injury attorney, is the person you need to speak with as soon as possible. They can overview your case, and help you devise a plan to move forward. They can offer you trained legal representation in the hopes that you will be able to receive the amount of compensation that is fair, and that is necessary, following a serious accident.


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