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by | May 16, 2013 | Auto Accident Attorney

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The responsibilities of a lawyer in court consist of having oral arguments, typically arguing a client’s case in front of a jury or a judge. Lawyers also need to draft court papers and do research this helps them to have a better case when in court. An important aspect of the lawyer’s job is to manage relationships of its client or client?s employees. This is to help determine what type of legal status the client or clients are. Most lawyers need a retainer in order to perform work. This retainer is put into a trust, as a lawyer doses his or her work on your case they will withdraw the money out of the trust. If any money is left over at the end of the case, the money is funded back to the client. Accident Lawyers Sterling Heights MI typically provide legal advice to their clients. This type of advice is normally on what the client needs to do next in their case proceedings.

Lawyers need licensing and/or memberships with professional organizations depending on the jurisdiction that they are in. Here in the US it is called the Bar Association. In order for lawyers to be a part of this Bar Association they have to take their state bar exam. A lot of lawyers tend to stay in one specific type of area, for instance personal injuries. Although a lot of lawyers like to practice other areas and aspects of the law so they can receive more clients.

If you are looking for an Accident Lawyer Sterling Heights MI, Materna Custer and Associates can help you with your legal representation. They specialize in personal injury which can range from Dog bites, alcohol related injuries, wrongful death, explosion and fire injuries, slip and fall injuries, auto accident, workman’s comp, product injuries, building and apartment injuries. With over 25 years? experience, these lawyers can handle a wide array of cases. They even have a registered nurse and an engineer attorney on staff. This provides them the ability to get the most out of your case and get you a bigger settlement. Their clients in the past have received more than $200 million in settlements. Trying to find an Accident Lawyer Sterling Heights MI, can be a daunting task. So you want to make sure all your research is done to find the right lawyer for your case.

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