Should You Hire a Family Law Attorney in Livonia

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Family Law

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Do you need a family law attorney in Livonia? A family law attorney can handle bankruptcy, divorce, probate, and real estate cases. If you feel you need legal help with a particular part of your life, whether it is financial or otherwise, a family law attorney can help.

Bankruptcy Cases

A family law attorney is usually very familiar with bankruptcy. In Livonia, many people file for bankruptcy every year, even though you wouldn’t expect it. The fact is that bankruptcy isn’t as bad as it seems like it’ll be. In many cases, the person or business who files for bankruptcy will end up feeling relieved after it’s all over, and not just because they no longer have to go to court. Bankruptcy can reduce your debt, re-structure your debt so you can make payments, and it sometimes means you’ll be starting over from scratch. For many people, that sounds like a great idea. Talk to a family law attorney if you’re worried that your financial situation is only going to get worse.

Divorce Cases

The most obvious type of legal advice a family law attorney can give is for divorce cases. Divorce is the time when the law intervenes in family life and turns everything upside down. Nobody enjoys getting a divorce, and the adjustment after the divorce can be difficult. But in the long run, most people who file for divorce are happier over time. Even children tend to do better when their parents are frank and honest with them about what’s going on, instead of hiding it and pretending like everything is okay. A child with unhappy parents is not going to grow up unharmed by their circumstances and more and more studies are showing that sometimes divorce truly is better for the kids as well as the adults.

Real Estate Cases

What kind of real estate case requires a family law attorney? Most commonly, the real estate cases that family law attorneys are involved in are about the dispersal of a will. When someone leaves property to a child, or if the will is contested, a family law attorney will help to represent their client in an effort to win the case. However, sometimes a family law attorney is needed to help decide the real estate situation during a divorce or bankruptcy.

The attorneys at Always Helpful Lawyers can help with all kinds of family law cases. The family law attorneys you’ll work with specialize in divorce, probate, and bankruptcy.

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