Set Clear Expectations With Your Long Island Divorce Attorney

by | Jun 28, 2013 | Legal Services

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Every relationship is unique, and so is every divorce. Some people simply realize that they are no longer happy together, while others fall into a destructive pattern of attacking one another over every element of the divorce proceedings. If you are thinking about ending your marriage, you should be sure to communicate your expectations to your Long Island Divorce Attorney clearly so that he or she can proceed in a manner that is designed to get what you really want.

It is very important that you not hesitate to tell your attorney the absolute truth about your situation. If there was abuse in your relationship, for example, you must not hide that simply because you hate admitting that it happened. For a lawyer to make the right legal and strategy decisions on your behalf, he needs to know what kind of situation he is facing. An issue that you feel is too embarrassing to bring up may just be something that your spouse will try to use against you. Even if you want to try to avoid calling public attention to it, your legal representation needs to know the facts to be able to prepare a sound strategy.

You should also be as honest as you can with your lawyer about what you really want in the divorce. If there are some martial assets that you don’t care very much about and others that you desperately want to keep, being honest will only make it easier to create a negotiation strategy that makes this more likely. In the same way, be clear and honest about how you feel about child custody issues. Don’t overstate or understate how much time you want with your child because you are afraid that you might look like a bad parent. An attorney’s job is to represent your interests, not to judge you for them.

As you go in for appointments, remember that your Long Island Divorce Attorney works on cases like yours for a living. This is a field where clients are under tremendous stress and are very emotional, and they are often at their worst. Any lawyer who works in this field of law has a huge variety of clients and cases, and is unlikely to be shocked by anything you might say. The more honest you can be, the more helpful it will be to your case.

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