Reported Nursing Home Abuse in Omaha?

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Lawyers

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While its seldom that people think that in the heartland of America things like nursing home abuse is in Omaha. The fact is that when there are vulnerable individuals often bad people take advantage of good people. Though you may search and search for the right nursing home for your aged parent or spouse, you never really know how well the care is until you leave your loved one unattended there on the grounds.

We often hear reference to the phrase of speech that “a watched pot never boils”, but it is precisely the opposite when it comes to spotting nursing home abuse in Omaha. The facts support overwhelmingly that those nursing home patients that both retain their verbal skills, as well as those with frequent or regular visits from family or friends are up to 75% less likely to suffer injury or harm at the hands of a nursing home staff member.

Unfortunately that just isn’t possible; some people are residents in a nursing home because they have no surviving spouse or family member in which to care for them anymore. And when a senior no longer has a visiting advocate in which to ensure they receive proper care they are more likely to suffer either abuse or neglect. That is not to say that those that do have active family members that sometimes visit aren’t at any risk of both abuse and neglect.

If you do have a loved one who resides in an Omaha nursing home and you suspect abuse be on the lookout for certain warning signs. If you suspect your loved one is at risk stop scheduling visits and do not let the nursing home staff know when you will be coming. Check to see if you’re loved one’s personal hygiene has been taken care of. Nursing home abuse in Omaha can often be seen from telltale signs that your loved one is wearing dirty clothes, or they have developed a rash in the genital area. Inspect the rest of their wardrobe and see if their laundry is being kept up. Some of these little things can tip you off to the fact that there may be potential for nursing home abuse.

If you do suspect nursing home abuse in Omaha begin asking for copies of your loved ones charts and medical records. Start your own log and write in details that you see on each visit. See if your loved one is maintaining the same body weight that they had upon entering the facility and weigh them independently when you come in. Try and do a full body inspection and check for any visible bruising or lesions that would occur from being in one position too long should they have mobility issues.

Just being vigilant and checking these few factors can help you to identify the potential for neglect or nursing home abuse in Omaha.



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