Protecting the Client with Swift Reproaches and Sensible Strategies

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Attorney

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Just a few years ago, a 35 year old woman was driving down the road and was hit by a careless driver. She suffered permanent damage in two areas of her neck, and no surgery was able to correct it. Frustratingly, the insurance company of the careless driver claimed it was a pre-existing condition.

The case was settled in mediation before it went any further. This saved everyone the time and frustrations of digging in court. The 35 year old woman was rewarded $235,000 in the end.

This is just one story, but one story speaks volumes about the legalities of the world. If even one person falls under the cracks, the system can be seen as flawed in some capacity. This is not to say that this woman lost out by any means, but without proper legal backing she would have potentially been facing an incompetent insurance companies ticking to their original claim. The crisis was averted on the financial end, and it was done with promptness.

Injury Lawyer in Spotsylvania County

Dulaney, Lauer and Thomas, LLP deals with these types of issues on a weekly basis, and the goal is almost always to settle quickly. But this is not accomplished at the risk of minimizing a client?s claims. The firm is more than happy to bring things all the way if the situation calls for it. But there is an aspect of risk and reward at play, and the best law firms manage this with delicate ease and the utmost professionalism. The Injury Lawyer in Spotsylvania County has enough testimonials and a proven history to substantiate these bold claims.

The Insurance Controversy

Interestingly, it is the insurance companies that provide a lot of concerns. There insistence on following the bottom line is causing concern for small families in a bad situation. The issue of responsibility lies at the heart of the vast majority of insurance cases. Most insurance companies swing low and cross their fingers that a client is not represented well. This does not happen for those that take time to consider a situation and retaliate with a stiff and sensible counter.

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