How Can a Lawyer Help You With Bankruptcy?

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Bankruptcy Law

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If you have reached the conclusion that you have no other option but to declare business bankruptcy in Long Beach, the first thing you need is a good bankruptcy attorney with the specific skills required when it is a business failure.

Filing bankruptcy is a serious decision and it will have an impact on the bankrupt for some years to come. To mitigate the effects to the greatest extent possible you need a lawyer qualified to handle small business bankruptcy. Here are a few hints on how to locate such a lawyer.

Only look for a certified bankruptcy lawyer:

You will want a lawyer who is certified for business bankruptcy to consult with, and then make the filing. These lawyers have special training in business bankruptcy Long Beach and they are completely aware of all the state laws that impact bankruptcy.

Call the bar association:

All lawyers in good standing are registered with the state bar association. The bar cannot make a recommendation as to which lawyer to use, they can however, give you a list of all bankruptcy lawyers in your immediate area.

Search professional directories:

There are internet based law directories that contain brief bios of many lawyers, including those who specialize in bankruptcy in Long Beach. Check the names of the lawyers given to you by the bar and look to see if they are certified.

Talk to your network of professionals:

As a business owner you will have developed a network of professionals that you work with. Converse with your accountant and general lawyer and ask for recommendations. The more people that you ask who have business exposure, the more names you will come up with. If you have colleagues who have suffered a similar fate, ask them about their experiences and recommendations.

Interview your short list:

By now, your search will have revealed a number of candidates. Narrow the list down to two or three lawyers who do business bankruptcy in Long Beach. Schedule an interview with them; this can be done either over the telephone or with a visit to their offices. Develop a series of questions that are important to you and ask all short listed candidates the same ones. Based on these conversations you should be able to make an intelligent choice.

Do not shop based on fees:

When declaring business bankruptcy in Long Beach, you want the best lawyer, not the cheapest. Select your lawyer based on competence and personality. You will be spending considerable time with the lawyer so you want someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

The final step in your selection of bankruptcy lawyer will be the agreement. Read it thoroughly before you sign it, make sure the lawyer will be your representative throughout the case, check the agreed payment plan and determine when the case will be filed.

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