Getting a Reputable Attorney for a Work Related Injury in Pennsylvania

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Workers' Compensation

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The State of Pennsylvania has very strict guidelines in place in regards to the workers compensation act. They require employers of the state to have workers compensation insurance on all of their employees, including those who are part time, seasonal or acting in any capacity as an employee of their business. This is a great thing for workers, because they have insurance coverage that is of no cost to them that will provide them compensation if they have an injury or an illness that is related to their work. Some companies will approve claims easily without giving the employee a hard time, but others aren’t quite so receptive. It is important to hire a work injury attorney PA to process your claim for you so that you can get the maximum amount of compensation you are allowed without a big hassle.

Coverage and Death Benefits with Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is designed to replace your wages from work if you become ill or hurt on the job as a direct result of the job that you perform. It does not always cover what your full wage amount might have been, but it certainly helps people who have to be off of work due to their injuries or illness. If a person dies as a result of a work related illness or injury, then death benefits are usually available as well, and they would be paid to whatever beneficiary that the employee listed with their employer before their death. This money is to help survivors pay for funeral expenses and to give them income to replace the income of their loved one who has passed on.

Disallowable Payments with Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

There are some exemptions to the workers compensation act, and government employees may be on different programs for coverage. It is wise to for people to make sure they are covered when they become employed. Workers compensation coverage typically starts on the day that an employee is hired, so they are covered right away even if they are in a training process or orientation with the company. The law is very specific that the injury or illness must be the fault of the employer. If a person comes to work intoxicated or careless and hurts themselves due to their own gross negligence, then they may not receive any compensation in most cases.

Most people do not know the laws and regulations regarding workers compensation insurance in Pennsylvania, which is why they should always contact an attorney immediately if they have been injured. The attorneys that specialize in these cases can probably streamline the process to where it runs much smoother. They also have the expertise to think of and know things that the average person wouldn’t. It is important to have someone on your side that will fight for every dime that you are due from suffering with the injuries that you sustained.

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