DUI Attorney Davenport IA: DUI In Iowa

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Attorney

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A DUI Attorney Davenport IA is a lawyer who represents clients who are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The client is charged based on their blood alcohol levels or the presence of narcotics in the blood stream. The DUI charge applies to anyone who is over the legal limit in terms of alcohol. A breathalyzer test is conducted as a measure of the field sobriety test administered by a police officer. The results of these tests affect whether or not the accused is arrested.

Procedures for DUI

A police officer performs routine stops to determine whether a driver is under the influence. The field sobriety tests are performed to determine if the driver is intoxicated or otherwise impaired. The officer conducts the breathalyzer test to determine the level of intoxication if the driver fails the initial sobriety tests. However, the driver has the right refuse the breathalyzer test. Refusal will not prevent an arrest.


Although a driver has the legal right to refuse a blood alcohol test, it does not prove him or her innocent in DUI cases. Instead, it results in a one-year license revocation if this is the first conviction. However, it is possible for a DUI Attorney Davenport IA to prove your innocence through legal counsel. Refusal prevents the law from determining whether you were over the limit not whether or not you were under the influence at the time of your arrest. The police officer that made the arrest can still testify in a court of law to establish whether you were or were not intoxicated based on field sobriety tests.

Probable Sentencing



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