Divorce Lawyer Fredericksburg

by | May 13, 2013 | Law, Lawyers

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During a divorce, there is much at stake. Marital property will be divided, child custody decisions will be made, and future payments such as child support or alimony may be awarded. This process would be difficult enough without the strong emotions that come into play. Also adding to the complications is the fact that for most, this process is entirely new to them.

A Divorce Lawyer Fredericksburg can help in several ways. First, an experienced lawyer has seen many divorces. While no one will ever see everything, they will have a good idea of what judges have awarded in the past and will be experienced in reading how the opposing party and their attorney appear to be approaching the current divorce.

The first step for a Divorce Lawyer Fredericksburg will be to assess the situation. A lawyer does not have to mean a costly legal battle and may in fact avoid one. Often, the separation will be amicable enough that the parties can be fair enough to each other to only need a little advice on how to avoid potential pitfalls and to complete the legal papers. In other cases, they may have a rational idea about what is fair, but emotional conflict could cloud this judgment. During these times, a lawyer could step in as an intermediary to keep the discussion focused on points of agreements and working to end thing as quickly as possible while also acting as a barrier to emotional conflict.

Other times though, a legal fight may be necessary. One spouse may decide they want to punish the other spouse as much as possible. Unfortunately, when children are involved, this may often occur through telling the court that their former spouse is such a bad person they are not fit to be around children. Other times, this could include a financial attack, by trying to take certain pieces of property they have no interest in only to spite the other spouse, who they know is particularly fond of the item. Whatever the situation, there are only two possible solutions: either backing down and giving them what they want or responding in court with the help of a Divorce Lawyer In Fredericksburg.


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