Auto Accidents Happen, But Being Prepared is a Must

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Lawyers

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The first thing that any auto accident victim should do is make sure that they and everyone else is ok. It is most important that everyone?s needs are taken care of first before any insurance claims are filed. Now once everyone is ok there are some things that an auto accident victim should do that will help to ensure a favorable result.

Some people immediately call their auto accident attorney St Petersburg afterwards in order to get the claim filed so that a settlement can be reached sooner. Doing so hastily can actually be more detrimental to the case than it would be if the victim took just a moment to sort out all of the facts and go through the entire process of filing a claim through the at fault driver?s insurance company.

After making sure that everyone involved in the accident is ok the next thing that the victim should do is take pictures of the scene if possible. Just about every person has a mobile phone today and just about every mobile phone is equipped with a camera. Taking pictures from every possible angle immediately after the auto accident will give additional proof as to who is at fault for the auto accident. This will also help to speed up the process of receiving the claim from the at fault driver?s insurance company.

After Filing a Claim with the At Fault Driver?s Insurance Company

Once a claim has been filed with the at fault driver?s insurance company, a result will be delivered. Now if this result does not seem to do justice to the injuries received from the auto accident it is then wise to go ahead and contact an auto accident attorney in St Petersburg. The victim just needs to make sure that they have copies of everything on hand before meeting the auto accident attorney for the first time.

Typically there is no upfront cost whatsoever for the victim when they hire an auto accident attorney. What they do instead is offer their services, which are contingent to the result of the case. This means that they only get paid out of any settlement that is reached. If the car accident is unsuccessful (which is rarely the case) in reaching a settlement, then the car accident attorney St Petersburg will not receive any payment from the victim.

When an auto accident happens it is always best to not rush to any conclusions. Taking the time to sort out all of the facts ahead of time can make things much easier. Additionally, it can lead to the victim receiving a much more favorable outcome when it comes to filing a claim.

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