A Medical Malpractice Attorney in Sterling Heights, MI can Help You Determine if You Have a Case

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Attorney

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There is truly nothing worse than going to a physician that you trust for a procedure only to have catastrophic results. Your life is altered either temporarily or permanently all because the doctor did something he should not have. This is a clear violation of your trust and your right to be free from harm, and it should not go unpunished. A doctor or surgeon that goes outside of their training is engaging in medical malpractice and caused an adverse result. Now you’re worse off than before, and you’re considering talking to a Medical malpractice attorney Sterling Heights MI about your case.

Medical malpractice is a difficult issue to prove. There is no doubt that it happens, but it has a strict definition that needs to be applied before a case can be brought. That is the physician must intentionally go outside of their training for the procedure and cause damage to the patient as a result. A case is less likely to be successful when a surgeon or doctor makes a mistake out of pure human error. The courts recognize that mistakes do happen from time to time, and that there was no malice or forethought when the mistake was made.

Another aspect that does not work in the courts is being dissatisfied with the results. You may feel that the physician did a poor job that resulted in a poor outcome, but as long as the physician followed the procedures, there is no malpractice. However, this needs to be determined by experts, and a Medical malpractice attorney Sterling Heights MI has medical experts on call to look at your records to find out if you have a case or not.

When it is found that the doctor doing the work did not follow accepted procedures or acted outside of his training, you can move forward with a medical malpractice case. Being injured by your physician can result in serious harm that needs long-term care or rehabilitation. You do not need to pay for someone else’s mistake. Filing a lawsuit for damages and bills can help recompnse you for what you have lost.

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