A Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Lawrenceville Can Help You Maximize Your Claim

by | Mar 15, 2014 | Lawyers

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Every employer is required to have a worker’s compensation insurance policy to protect themselves and their employees. If you are hurt or become ill due to a working condition, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. In a non-emergency situation, tell your employer before you leave work to go to the hospital. When you get to the doctor or hospital, your worker’s compensation claim will be started.

Be sure to give the treating physician all the information you know about your illness or injury and how it is related to your job. You do not need to prove that your injury or illness was your employer’s fault to take advantage of worker’s compensation benefits. Your employer’s policy will cover your initial medical costs, the cost of any follow-up treatment and lost wages if you are unable to work while you recover. You may be reassigned to a different job duty until you heal from your injury or illness.

If any part of your claim is disputed, you may have to attend a hearing to show that you need additional medical care or that you are unable to do any job offered by your employer. While you can represent yourself in these hearings, you may find yourself sitting across from your employer’s attorney. Attending a worker’s compensation hearing without a lawyer puts you at a disadvantage.

Because fighting for the benefits you are entitled to can be emotional, it is often beneficial to utilize the services of a lawyer. Though you may have little to no experience in the worker’s compensation system, your lawyer deals with it every day. The wealth of experience that a competent worker’s compensation attorney in Lawrenceville brings to the table will ensure that your rights are protected while your lawyer fights hard to get you the benefits you need to recover so you can get back to work.

Getting medical care and lost wages through worker’s compensation shouldn’t be difficult. A worker’s compensation attorney in Lawrenceville can take the stress out the claim process and get you the care you need.

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