Do Not Be Afraid to Search for a Chapter 13 Attorney in Richmond VA

by | May 2, 2013 | Attorney

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It is incredibly hard to be in a situation where you face the decision whether or not to file for bankruptcy. It means that you have been struggling for a while, which has probably been an incredibly emotional and mental drain on you. It probably feels like you simply cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel because every time you try to climb out of debt, there is something else that pushes you back in and you just cannot do it. This is, unfortunately, the same feelings that many Americans have and it is a painful, helpless one that no one wants to experience.

There are many things that can lead to filing bankruptcy and needing to contact a Chapter 13 attorney in Richmond VA. There are two very common reasons for filing bankruptcy. One is actually health care related because it seems like no matter how good your insurance is, the one time you get seriously sick or injured you are forever put before. The other is credit card debt, which can happen to anyone and hit at any time. It is easy to get caught up and carried away purchasing and then get hit by unexpected issues, like your car breaking down, and your money going to cover that rather than the credit card payment. It is just an incredibly frustrating and disheartening experience all around if you find yourself in that position.

However, if you find that you want to look into filing for bankruptcy or decide that it is your only option, then there are attorneys out there to help you out. Filing for bankruptcy may be able to stop wage garnishments, stop foreclosure proceedings, prevent repossessions, stop creditor lawsuits, and stop harassing phone calls. There are two types of bankruptcy and it depends on your situation which one you are able to file for. The first is Chapter 7 where they are able to eliminate most of your debt. The second is going to be handled by a Chapter 13 attorney in Richmond VA and it involves a process where your debt is consolidated into a repayment plan. Most of the time, this does not involve additional interest. However, just like Chapter 7, there is no guarantee that this will remove all debt.


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