All You Need to Know about New Jersey Accidents Cases

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Law

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New Jersey is one of the most populous states in the US and this is an indicator of how popular this region is with property owners. New families are finding this state more accommodative than any other hence the influx. However, increased settlement comes with its own drawbacks and it is no wonder that a Forbes Magazine article in 2012 labeled New Jersey the home of the second worst drivers in America.

New Jersey accidents are not only limited to the road and as a resident, you need to have an insight into the type of accidents most common in your county and how to deal with them legally when they happen. Sometimes, you might unfortunately find yourself on the receiving end and suffering injuries.

In extreme cases, you might even lose loved ones due to negligence of other parties hence the need to have an insight on this pertinent issue. What types of accidents are common in this historic state?

  • Motor vehicle crashes; these include motor cycles, trucks, and car mishaps. Due to the hectic modern lifestyles, everyone in New Jersey seems to be in a hurry hence crashes are bound to happen. In case you suffer injuries or vehicle damage, you need a good attorney in order to follow up compensation to cater for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, pain and suffering among other issues that an attorney can argue during a case.
    Your motor vehicle accident attorney will deal with insurance companies as you recuperate comfortably. More importantly, these legal experts help you to get the best settlement instead of being duped into signing unfair agreements.
  • Medical negligence; if a medical practitioner makes a mistake, the results can be devastating or even lead to death. If you feel a medical procedure has caused pain, trauma, defects or death to a loved one, you need to engage a personal injury attorney to deal with your case.


New Jersey Accidents lawyers have the prerequisite experience and skills to ensure justice is served and hence, you should contact them immediately to review your case. Some issues arising here include birth defects, misdiagnosis, surgical mistakes, doctor error, and hospital negligence among others.

  • Premises liability; slips and falls are common in most business premises and these constitute accidents for which you can seek compensation. Escalator mishaps, swimming pool falls, also fall under this category and if the premise owner is found liable, you will be compensated for any injuries suffered.
  • Defective products; manufacturers and service provider are supposed to inspect what they offer customers. If a product or service causes health problems or bodily harm, your accidents lawyer will advise on the next cause of action most likely a compensation suit.



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