Using Technology To Help Reduce Legal Fees

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Law, Lawyer

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In the increasingly technology driven world today the legal profession is somewhat behind in many ways. Attorneys tend to be creatures of habit and do things based on the way they have always been done. This may be particularly true if you are used a well-established firm with attorneys that have years of experience in the profession. Asking for the use of technology in several aspects of your case can really help to reduce legal fees while still providing excellent opportunities for information exchange.

Reducing Travel with Teleconferencing

In particularly complex legal cases or where there are multiple parties involved attorneys have traditionally been required to complete a lot of travel. When your attorney is traveling you are being billed for their time, their out of pocket expenses and, in some cases, for the time of the person they are meeting with.

To help lower costs associated with travel consider suggesting or recommending the use of teleconferencing. There are a variety of different secure online options that allow recording of the meeting for review, which is actually more accurate than relying on notes from a meeting.

Skype and Cell Phones

For many types of interactions Skype or cell phones can be used in lieu of traditional land lines. Not only will this virtually eliminate or greatly reduce any long distance costs associated with the communication but it can also help to decrease travel as well.

Skype and cell phones also allow the option for multiple parties to be involved in the conversation. While this may not always be possible it can help cut costs as the attorney doesn?t have to make multiple phone calls to each person, everyone appropriate can be involved in one communication.

Electronic Data Transfers

Old school photocopying and couriering documents can now be streamlined to scanning, creating a PDF and hitting the send button. While there are still some costs in this, printing and clerical time, it will reduce legal fees for the more expensive photocopying and courier option.

Encryption and security features for online transactions and data transfers have added to the options that are available to help reduce legal fees. You have the option to ask if these services could be used in your case and to find an attorney that is comfortable with using technology to keep your costs down.

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