Turned Down? Social Security Lawyers in Fresno Know What to Do

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Lawyer

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You were sure that everything was in order when you filed for your Social Security benefits. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way that you hoped. Before assuming nothing can be done, it’s a good idea to hire one of the local Social Security lawyers in Fresno and find out if there’s a chance of getting those benefits after all.

One of the first things that your legal counsel will do is look over the paperwork that you submitted. Typically, all it takes is one tiny omission or mistake for the review process to stop. At that point, you get turned down. A lawyer can find that issue, correct it, and refile it on your behalf.

If there are several issues with the filing, your legal counsel will go over those with you. In some cases, there may be questions that need additional details. This complete review will have the documents ready to resubmit and hopefully lead to receiving your benefits.

If the second filing is turned down, it’s not unusual for Social Security lawyers in Fresno to request a formal review. There’s a good chance that you will not have to be present; your lawyer will attend and be prepared to advocate for you. If approved, you may end up receiving benefits that originate with the date of your original filing.

Don’t feel as if you have to navigate the filing process on your own. With a lawyer at hand, it’s easier to ensure everything is prepared properly and ultimately receive the Social Security benefits that you’ve been paying for all these years.

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