Tips to Remember if You Get Into Legal Trouble in San Antonio

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Criminal Justice Attorney

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If you find yourself being confronted by the police, there are a few things that a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer will always suggest that you remember. By doing so, you lessen the chances of any further trouble if you actually are arrested.

Never Resist

Trying to resist arrest is always a futile endeavor. Not only is it almost certainly going to escalate the situation, but it could also end in the worst possible manner. To avoid any violence from breaking out, simply let the officer arrest you and contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Never Offer An Explanantion

It is in your interest to speak as little as possible when an officer is questioning you. There is actually very little that you have to legally tell them. The only thing that you should say is your name and that you want to speak with a lawyer. Then you wait for the attorney to show up and let them handle the situation for you.

Do Not Act Aggressive

Aside from not resisting arrest, you should also never act in an aggressive manner when confronted by police officers. Remain as calm as possible and simply do not say anything to them until a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer arrives. While the police officers may not necessarily like this, it is certainly better than igniting a potentially bad situation.

If you find yourself arrested, then contact the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez or visit as soon as possible. They will review your case and go from there.

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