TIps on Negotiating Child Support in Paulding County

Divorces are tough on children, and parents should keep the best interests of all children in mind throughout the process. Providing financial support is an important aspect of that. To ensure a fair, accurate amount of Child Support in Paulding County, parents should follow the support negotiation tips below.

Be Truthful

Being truthful about income is difficult, particularly in messy divorces. However, failing to be honest in the beginning can cause problems in the long term. Parents should provide income verification via tax returns, check stubs, and proof of living expenses. Providing this documentation can prove the accuracy of a parent’s income claims, and it can ensure that everyone agrees to a reasonable child support amount.

Consider the Children’s Expenses

Depending on the children’s ages and interests, costs for education and extracurricular activities can vary widely. If a child participated in a sport during the marriage, ensuring continuity is a way to ease the transition. These expenses can be overlooked, and parents should agree on responsibility for them during the case.

Be Prepared to Document All Expenses

It may be a hassle, but a thorough documentation of expenses will simplify child support negotiations. If a client requests that each parent contributes a certain amount toward the children’s extra expenses and does not provide proof, there is no motivation for the court to add that amount to the case. Whether or not a divorce is messy, the court is unlikely to deviate from standard calculations even if it is agreed upon by both sides.

Keep in Mind That Child Support is For the Kids

In acrimonious divorces, it may be hard for one parent to pay the other. However, remembering that these funds are for the children’s benefit can make it easier. As a child support recipient, using the money for the children’s upbringing is the appropriate and mature thing to do. Using the money for inappropriate reasons is disingenuous and can cause conflicts in an already strained relationship between parents.

Keep the Children Out of Negotiations

Georgia’s courts look unfavorably on parents who involve children in issues pertaining to divorce and Child Support in Paulding County. It is never advisable to tell the child whether or not the paying parent is making timely payments. Getting the children involved in the negative aspects of the case will only cause hard feelings and stress, which is unfair. Whether a parent is a receiver or payer, hiring an attorney with can make the process go smoother.

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