Tips for Challenging Property Tax Assessments

by | May 29, 2014 | Attorney

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If you have a property tax assessor that unfairly values your property with a value that is completely inconsistent with the conditions in the area and the current market, you may wonder what options you have as a business or home owner to challenge the assessment that has been made. Chances are the best move you can make is to contact a Tax Appeals Attorney in Atlanta, who fully understands the process of a successful dispute.

It is important to choose a lawyer with a proven history of success in regards to tax assessment appeals. They must understand the proper methods for challenging an inflated market value appraisal or an unfair assessment of property tax.

The Appeals Process

Each year you will receive a notice of your annual property assessment. When you receive the notice and own a residential property, but do not believe that the assessment has been based on a market value that is fair, you will likely only have 10 total days to file the proper documentation to protest the assessment. The fact is that this is a crucial step in the appeals process; if you miss the deadline, you will have to accept the assessment that has been made.

If you have a business property that is classified as developmental, industrial or commercial, you will likely have to file a different type of form than residential homeowners, which can be fully explained by an attorney that understands the complex process of filing for an appeal.

There are no simple solutions to your property tax assessment if you do not agree with the numbers that have been delivered. However, you do have options, which can help you achieve a more suitable and appropriate assessment. With the help of an attorney this goal will be even more achievable.

When you hire an attorney with experience in the appeals process, they may be able to help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax money. For small businesses and homeowners this is significant amount of money that can make a huge difference in their day to day operations or life. The assessment that your property receives will not only impact what you must pay in taxes, but also work to lower your mortgage payments.

If you need to dispute the assessment of your property, Jeffrey L. Cohen, Tax Appeals Attorney Atlanta, can help; visit Jeffrey L. Cohen website for more information.

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