Three Reasons You May Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer’s Help

by | Apr 18, 2021 | Law

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Workers’ compensation is a benefit that all workers may be eligible for if they receive an injury on the job. You may need to hire Chicago workers compensation lawyers if you’ve received an injury. Here’s why:

To Ensure the Paperwork Is Correct

Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers can help you every step of the way. Therefore, you may want to hire one to assist you with your claim right from the very beginning. This type of specialist can help to ensure that every line of your claim is filed correctly and the insurance company receives all the necessary documentation.

To Ensure Your Claim Is Rightfully Approved

An attorney can also help you if the insurance company denies your claim for some reason. Some workers receive denials for legitimate reasons such as incomplete paperwork or conflicting doctor’s notes. Other people receive denials that are not warranted. An attorney can protect your rights to receive compensation while you are healing from a work injury.

To Learn if Your Case Might Qualify for Personal Injury

You might be eligible to file a personal injury claim if your employer’s neglect caused your injury. An attorney can help you determine which claim is the appropriate one to file. You cannot file both claims. However, you can choose the claim that will benefit you the most. In many cases, a personal injury case will produce a larger payoff. You can ask about that when you schedule your appointment with the personal injury attorney. Contact Shea Law Group to schedule a consultation about your injury and workers compensation claim.

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