Three Pieces of Advice Your Lisle Child Custody Attorney Will Give You

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Attorney

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Child custody lawsuits can be very emotional. Having to fight for the custody of a child can make it hard for a parent to stay in control of their emotions and show the judge that they are stable enough to deal with a stressful situation. Something that tends to happen a lot during child custody cases is when parents are too caught up arguing with each other over marital problems or personal issues that they forget why they are there in the first place. A Lisle child custody attorney from Fay, Farrow & Associates will remind you that he or she was hired in order to do what is best for your child. No matter what the outcome is, you should be fighting for your child, not with your spouse.

Consider Joint Custody

Even if you do not always get along with your spouse, your Lisle child custody attorney will suggest that you both consider joint custody. This means that each parent will get to spend time with their child and will be able to stay in his or her life. Unless there are special circumstances preventing something like this from happening, it is a good way for a family to stay as close as possible after divorce or separation. Again, you should be thinking about the child not yourself, so if joint custody is the best way for your child to feel as if there is no animosity between his or her parents, then this is something that should be considered.

Stay Open Minded During Mediation

It is important for parents to go to mediation before the process of a child custody case starts. This is a way for both parents to work together to figure out the best plan of action for their child’s care after a divorce. The more open minded you are during these mediation sessions, the more your spouse will hear what you want and try to cooperate with you. It is better to go into a mediation session knowing that some things will need to be changed instead of being stubborn. Your mediator will be there to smooth out the details so that your child custody case goes as quickly as possible. Hiring a child custody attorney at Fay, Farrow & Associates is the best way to ensure that the fight for your child will be top priority. A child custody attorney will have years of experience and will have dealt with numerous cases, which means he or she will know how to get the job done efficiently.

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