Things to Know about Bail Bondsman in Shelton CT

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Bail Bonds

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When signing a bond, it’s an agreement that says the person signing is responsible for paying the full amount of the bond if the accused doesn’t appear for his or her court date. When Co-signing with a bail bonds man in Shelton CT, it is a way to help someone get out of police custody and back to their everyday lives when they are unable to pay the full amount on their own. Keep in mind, co-signing is a big responsibility. Those considering co-signing a bond should talk to an experienced bail bond expert.

Here are some things to know before signing a bond.

Not Everyone Can Co-Sign

While the exact laws change from one state to the next, a person must meet certain criteria to be able to co-sign a bail bond for someone. In most cases, they have to be a citizen of the United States, have established residency, good credit, and stable employment. Speak with a local bail bond agent to find out if co-signing is a possibility.

It’s Possible to Make Stipulations Before Signing

When a family member or friend is accused of a crime, it is normal to hesitate to sign a bail bond to get them out of jail. There is always the fear that the person will go back to their old ways. For these situations, it’s important to know that specific stipulations can be made before signing a bail bond. For example, there can be a stipulation that states that the accused must go to a rehab program, attend therapy or undergo a mental health evaluation. In addition to that, if there is anything that makes one suspicious after the release, contact the bondsman about possibly canceling the bond.

Being a Co-Signer Carries Responsibilities

Once a person is out of jail or police custody, it’s important to understand that the co-signer is responsible for ensuring that they attend their court dates and uphold any other legal responsibilities. If the accused does try to flee, it is critical to let the bail bondsman know where they are so they can go back to jail.

Those who are considering co-signing with a Bail Bondsman in Shelton CT should contact Business Name. They have more than 30 years in the business and can help understand the process and what needs to happen now. There is no reason to go at it alone.

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