The Various Tasks Of A Disability Lawyer

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Law

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There are laws in the United States that afford protection to those individuals who suffer from a challenge, either physical or mental. Often these people are faced with discrimination by employers who do not give them equal access or fair consideration, many people with disabilities are denied access to public transportation, education, public buildings, etc. For these unfortunate people there is legal recourse.

Disability lawyers do more than represent PWDs, there is also the issue of those that cannot work and earn a living because they suffer from a physical or mental disability. There are cases of course when these disabled members of society have private disability insurance but in the greatest majority of cases the physically or mentally disabled rely on the government through the auspices of Social Security. Unfortunately it is very difficult to gain approval from the Social Security Administration and be granted disability benefits. In many cases the only course left open is to hire a disability claim lawyer in San Diego who is intimate with all the rules and regulations that have been established and is fully aware of all the legal means that can be employed to see to it that his or her client gets the compensation they so rightfully deserve.

In many cases, actually about 75 percent, an application for Social Security disability benefits is denied. There are many cases where proving that complete disability does exist as the complexity of making the application is such that laypeople have great difficulty in putting forward their application properly. When the application is denied, there is an automatic right of appeal granted. This road is not an easy one to follow, especially when you take into account the applicant is suffering from a genuine disability. It is during the appeals process when a disability claims lawyer in San Diego who knows disability law in all of its finery can put forward an appeal that will prove beyond doubt that the client is truly disabled, meet all the criteria and are deserving of the benefit package.

Disability is a far reaching term, it is very possible that an individual is disabled to the point to where he or she is not capable of working but it is still considered a partial disability. In instances like this the employer may demand that the employee continue to report to work but be given some other job function, making the assertion that the employee is not disabled to the point where they cannot work. A disability claim lawyer in San Diego will go to bat for the client, attempting to win benefits even though the disability is only temporary.

All law is complex; disability law is perhaps one of the more complex legal environments. For those who feel their rights have been denied, a lawyer schooled in disability law is a must.

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