The Role of a Divorce Attorney in Providence, RI

Divorce is one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life. If the person does not hire a competent Providence Divorce Attorney to represent them, it can adversely affect them for the rest of their lives. An unfair divorce settlement can cripple a person’s financial health for many decades. It can ruin the relationship between a parent and a child. It can also ruin a person’s reputation and destroy their place in the community. The right lawyer can protect a client, when the client is too angry or depressed to protect themselves.

Women who have chosen not to work outside of the home are particularly vulnerable in today’s world. If they have raised children, then there is some sympathy for them. But a childless woman who has been responsible for cooking, cleaning and maintaining a home may find herself on difficult ground during a divorce. Her husband may expect her to now support herself. With no work experience, she may be limited to very low-paying jobs. If she is in her Fifties or older the outcome is very bleak. A good divorce attorney will insist on a generous alimony payment. Child support is usually a given if both parents can afford it. The traditional model is that the wife gets custody and the husband pays child support. But in this world of two-income families, that might not be the way it works. If the wife makes substantially more than the husband, she might find herself with the kids and very little child support. Men are also choosing to stay at home and raise the kids, while the wife works. In this case the husband might get custody and the wife pays child support. Part of the role of the divorce attorney is to help the couple come to a realistic option that serves the children well. The division of wealth is about much more than who gets the house and car. In long-term marriages, the Providence Divorce Attorney will have to consider the value of a pension or retirement fund. A spouse may also want a share of the profits from a business or practice. In this case, the attorney becomes their client’s business manager. The goal is to leave the divorce with a secure financial future.


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