The Importance of Seeking the Assistance of a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Bronx NY

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Personal Injury Attorney

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After having an accident and being injured, most people rightly think first of getting better. Arranging for any necessary medical diagnosis and care should always be a top priority, as many injuries will only get worse if they are neglected. At the same time, it can be nearly as important to quickly seek the advice and assistance of a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Bronx NY, too. Whether the event in question is a car accident or a damaging fall on a poorly maintained surface, doing and saying the right things thereafter are critical to protecting the interests of the injured person, and this becomes much more likely when an attorney is working on a case.

It is also often much easier to get in touch with a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Bronx NY than many people would suppose. Practices like the Law Office of Ada R. Pretto, P.L.L.C., typically offer free consultations with no attendant obligations on the part of those who take advantage of them, and even a few minutes of back and forth can be revealing. While a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Bronx NY will not always advise those who contact them that there is a case worth pursuing, a substantial majority of such consultations do result in legal help being retained.

Contrary to what many suppose, assistance of this kind almost always makes good financial sense, too. While attorneys will typically take a share of any settlement that is reached, the sizes of the settlements they negotiate almost always dwarf what individuals are able to obtain on their own. In every case where a substantial sum of money is at stake, the opposing side will have its own attorneys safeguarding its interests, and untrained people who try to butt heads with them rarely fare well.

Given these considerations, it is safe to say that getting in touch with a lawyer after an accident will almost always be a good idea. While seeking out any required medical care should always be a priority, there are other things that can be important to see to in the aftermath of an accident, as well.

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