The Benefits of a Good Criminal Attorney

As is your constitutional right, you will always have access to an attorney when charged with a crime, but you do not benefit from the help of state-appointed representation. Through no real fault of the state-appointed attorney, you are not likely to be given enough time and focus to get the help you need, and this is due to the large number of cases worked by these professionals at any given time. A criminal attorney that is hired takes on only a few cases at a time, meaning that they have all the time in the world to dedicate to your case and help you receive a dismissal or reduced sentence.

Find and Fight Evidence

The prosecution will have several pieces of hard or circumstantial evidence with which to argue that you are guilty of the crime, but it could be that certain pieces of evidence are not being presented fairly or are completely circumstantial. A circumstantial case cannot hold up in court, and your criminal attorney will fight to have it all thrown out or explained in such a way that clearly paints you as an innocent party. If there is additional evidence that may prove your innocence and is not being presented to the court, they will also fight to ensure that this evidence is allowed to be presented.

Plea Deals

It could be that a deal is possible to help you receive a lesser sentence, and this is a common tool used by a criminal attorney to help their clients receive fair treatment. These professionals can fight to ensure that the terms of the plea bargain are fair and reasonable, and they will help you understand every single aspect of the deal before allowing you to sign it. If this is not what you want, they will stand by your side and help you work through the court proceedings as you fight to prove your innocence.

A professional attorney will always improve your chances of a dismissal, acquittal, or reduced sentence, depending on the circumstances of your case. No matter whether you were charged with a DUI or armed robbery, you can trust the professionals found at, and you can dial 310-328-6650 to speak directly to a representative. Connect with them on Facebook for more information!

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