Someone Stole What? Taking Business Law in Glen Burnie MD to a Company that Stole a Name

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Attorney

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The rock group “Billy Talent” had a fantastic name back in the late 90’s. They called themselves Pezz until the manufacturers of the small pill-like pink candies sued them because they stole the name. There is a line in corporate branding, and it can be hard to find out where that line sits. Companies (as well as bands) can use names of businesses if they change it up. Use a Business Law in Glen Burnie MD attorney to find out where that line is.

What happens when someone steals a business name? It happens very commonly, and there are traditionally two things that can be done. The first is to drop the name. Sometimes, a company has been using a name for much longer. It is not always easy to find a fully original name. As seen in the example above, a name does not have to be within the same industry. It can cross any medium, and that makes fewer names available on the whole.

The second option is to work through the Business Law in Glen Burnie MD system and hire an attorney. They will likely find out information about the competing brand to see if they filed, when, and how. A case will often only be pursued if the competing entity did not file and the client has a long stake in keeping the name. The length of business is a big determination in that (it should be at least three years of active use under that name).

Viably protect a business name with the proper paperwork and establish a solid paper trail. This will assure a competitor in the court of law that the name has been active and functional for a specified period of time. It is not unheard of for a judge to favor the side that has had the name active for years despite having crafted the final paperwork. Of course, that is invalidated when a competitor has followed the name in haste.

Frankly, if a company does not file their business name, they leave it vulnerable to being stolen. It is similar to going to bed at night with the door unlocked. It accepts additional risk. For more information you can visit website domain or their Facebook page.

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