Social Security Lawyer Sullivan County NY Offers

by | Jun 6, 2013 | Lawyers

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For years people have put their trust in the social security system. After all, most hard working people had no problem paying into the service with the eventual promise that funds would be there for them when the time to retire comes around. Unfortunately some people don’t have the opportunity to work up until retirement because a disability interrupts their plans. Since a person’s livelihood is on the line, there comes a time to contact a Social Security Lawyer Sullivan County NY has on offer.

When You Can’t Work
Social security benefits are not just for retirees, the system is also in place for those who aren’t able to work because of a disability, mental illness or Work related injuries. There are different eligibility requirements for individuals seeking benefits and only a certified lawyer can help a person earn their maximum payment amount. Quality lawyers will even take the case without charging payment until a client is rewarded a settlement.

When You’re Denied Benefits
The thing about social security benefits is that the filing process can be long and arduous and many applicants succumb to frustration. The truth is most people who apply for SSI benefits are denied on their first try. Hiring an SSI lawyer can help an applicant streamline the necessary appeal process. Eventually a law professional can even get a personal hearing in front of a judge which offers the best chance at social security benefit approval.

When You’ve Been Kicked Off SSI
While social security retirement benefits are rewarded for life, a person can lose their SSI disability payment at any time. If a medical condition that was preventing work improves, if a person gets married, if living conditions change, or if an applicant is sentenced to jail they can be stripped of their benefits. These revocations are not always black and white issues and the social security lawyer Sullivan County NJ will help to ensure that the government has not overstepped their boundaries when ceasing payment.

The social security benefits process can be a long and complicated journey but the SSI lawyers want to make sure that people know they aren’t in the struggle alone.

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