Social Security Lawyer Oklahoma City OK – Duties and Responsibilities

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If you happen to suffer an injury or an ailment that hinders you from working, you are entitled to social security benefits. Once you hire a social security lawyer, he or she will have several duties aimed at helping you attain your disability benefits. Some of the main duties of a disability lawyer include:

Assessing the disability of the client- Not all disabilities qualify for social security benefits. For you to qualify for the benefits, it has to be proved that the suffered disability is indeed severe in such a manner that it hinders you from working. Upon hiring a social security lawyer Oklahoma City OK, one of his duties will involve assessing your disability to determine whether you qualify for disability benefits. If the lawyer realizes that you do not qualify for social security benefits, he may advise you against filing a claim. After all, there would be no need to keep filing a social security benefits claim if you do not stand a chance of winning at all.

The other duty of the social security lawyer is to gather the necessary paper work and evidence relating to the case of the disabled individual. The paperwork that must be submitted when seeking disability benefits is daunting and it has to be filled with a lot of caution. If the right paperwork is not submitted and also if the paperwork is not well filled, the chances of get social security benefits may dwindle. However, once you have a lawyer to consult with, he or she will help you in gathering the right evidence needed to handle your case. For instance, the social security lawyer Oklahoma City OK will get in touch with your physician and gather the medical documents needed to prove that you are indeed suffering from the said disability.

The social security lawyer will ensure that your disability claims will be well handled by the insurance company of the social security agency. In order to obtain the social security benefits, the claimants have to prove to the insurance company or the social security administration that they are no longer in a position to work. The attorney will help you organize a strong case and ensure that no important evidence is overlooked and this will increase your chances of getting disability benefits. The process of seeking social security benefits may take up to about six months. The process may even be longer if you do not have a lawyer in place. It is thus an advantage to hire a social security lawyer Oklahoma City OK.

In some cases, disability cases may have to proceed to court. If a hearing is held, the social security lawyer will be responsible of representing you in court. He will ensure that all the necessary evidence is presented to the judge.


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