Social Security Attorney Midwest City OK

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The process for filing for social security benefits from the Federal government can be a very long, drawn out and frustrating process. There are several different types of programs that fall under the jurisdiction of the Social Security Administration. Each of these programs is designed to serve a different need in the American population. Assistance with the application process is often obtained by Social Security Attorney Midwest City OK.

Social Security Disability is a program designed to meet the needs of American citizens who have a physical or mental limitation that will not allow them to maintain gainful employment. The process for applying for Social Security Disability can be very time consuming. The process generally requires submission of a complete medical history and may require a separate examination by a physician employed by the Social Security Administration. It is not uncommon for applicants to be denied benefits on their first filing. This is the point at which most applicants seek out the services of a competent disability Social Security Attorney to assist them in their case.

Supplemental Security Income or SSI is another program that is administered by the Social Security Administration. The purpose of this program is to provide additional benefits and a minimum level of income for individuals who meet certain criteria and have a limited income potential. Supplemental Security Income is generally made available for those citizens who are blind, disabled and those aged 65 or older. For some individuals occupational training is offered through this program to assist them in becoming part of the workforce.

Retirement benefits are also administered by this agency. These benefits are available for Americans who have worked to pay into the system and their spouse or children if they are deceased. The amount that an individual is able to receive is directly tied to a number of things. For workers who chose to retire early, as in at age 62, the monthly payout will be less than someone who chooses to retire later, say age 68 or 69. The number of years that the individual maintained eligible employment and the amount paid into the system also help to determine what amount of money the individual would be entitled to receive.


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